B.S.E. Industrial and Systems Engineering

About the Program

***This program is no longer accepting students for admission. Students interested in this topic should explore the industrial and systems minor which can be persued in conjunction with B.S.E. in Engineering.

Industrial and systems engineers organize the people, information, energy, materials and machines involved in the production process. They make things and systems work better, more safely, and more economically. Industrial and systems engineers might work in manufacturing –dealing with design and management, quality control and the human factors of engineering. Or they might work in management systems because their training makes them ideal for dealing with operations, business planning, financial analysis and project management.

Industrial and systems engineers are team members who apply their engineering skills and business knowledge to finding the best solutions to issues affecting productivity, profits and people. Not only are industrial and systems engineers employed across the spectrum of the for-profit sector, they also help to advance society in such areas as science, health and social services.

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