Faces of Entrepreneurship

The Jefferson Entrepreneurs highlights from Jefferson Today

 Morgan Berman

Let’s say you wanted to live more sustainably, but could use some help finding local businesses and services that supported your values. That’s exactly what Morgan Berman ’14 was thinking when she came up with My MilkCrate, a mobile app designed to help users quickly locate sustainable businesses, as her master’s thesis for her M.S. in Sustainable Design. Read More >>

Galen Kane

Matt Cook’s collection of streetwear-inspired backpacks and other soft goods were a hit at the 2015 Jefferson Showcase senior design show. His Raaf collection—taken from the name of a Dutch street artist—was selected as one of five winning projects to get one-on-one business development time with Jefferson’s Blackstone LaunchPad. Read More >>

Galen Kane

During a family kayaking trip, industrial design student Galen Kane got the inspiration for an entrepreneurial opportunity: the need for a better product to refill their water supply.

“My uncle had a ceramic filter, and we quickly realized how inconvenient it was to operate,” he recalled. With that in mind, the 2015 graduate designed the Bryo System water collection and filtration bottle for his senior capstone project. Read More >>

Morgan and Colin

As undergraduates, industrial design students Morgan Gaumann and Colin Hansel turned their love of surfing into a capstone project—and then, with help from Jefferson’s Blackstone LaunchPad, into a full-fledged business. Read More >>

Jonny Nguyen

After they graduate from Jefferson, budding entrepreneurs Jonny Nguyen and Christopher Dang plan to open a Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant, Pho me, Pho you, Pho us, in nearby Manayunk. Their business premise: offer an on-the-go version of the popular pho that will be suited to the busy lifestyle of young professionals. Read More >>