Top Ram Competition

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Prizes totaling more than $2000, including the Matt Glass Award for Entrepreneurship!

Other prizes include the Runner up and Business Model Innovation Award

Competition take place December 6
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Lawrence N. Field DEC Center Forum
*All submissions are due by November 26, 2018

Are you a student who is bursting with ideas? Do you think you have an interesting thought for a business? Is there product or service you think should exist but doesn't?

Then Top Ram is for you!

The Top Ram Idea & Business Model Competition allows students to pitch their innovative business model in a bid to be the Top Ram. The winner of the Top Ram competition will demonstrate an innovative, impactful and viable business model. This competition is open to both undergraduate and graduate students (individual or group).

Students have 5-7 minutes to make a presentation of their idea and business model. This can be PowerPoint or other format that tells their story effectively, leveraging the subject matter in a business model canvas.

Winners receive cash and other prizes.

Who can enter:

  • Any student with an idea for a business.
  • Any student with a business venture that hasn't made more than $5000 in revenue since inception.
  • Any student's business venture that hasn't raised more that $5000 in funding. This could be in the form of investment, loans, grants, or other competitions.
  • Undergrad students enrolled in DEC Business Models can submit their final projects as long as it meets the general criteria.
  • Graduate students in MBA Business Models courses can submit their final projects as long as it meets the general criteria.
  • Students not enrolled in a Business Model class who wish to enter must sign up for at least one coaching session with the Blackstone LaunchPad.
  • Existing businesses that apply must be less than 3 years operational.

How to Enter:

  1. Come up with a product/service idea that could be a business (you may use your capstone/a project from class).
  2. Develop a business model canvas and executive summary for your idea. In your executive summary, please make sure you address these questions:
    • What problem are you solving?
    • What is the solution your are offering?
    • Who is it for/ Who is your target audience?
    • What inspired you to create this solution?
    • What are the market trends you saw that prove this idea is worth executing?
    • What makes you the right person to launch this idea(your skill set/background)?
    • Who is doing something similar/ your competitors?
  3. Fill out application at and attach your business model canvas , executive summary.
  4. If ready, submit your presentation with application.


How to Prepare:


For questions or extra coaching to create a compelling business model canvas contact or .



2015 Top Ram winner: Renee Kakareka ’16, won for her assistive technology company Olive Devices. She was accepted to the Angel Venture Fair the following semester and went on to win $5,000 in the JAZ Tank pitch competition. She soon will have a prototype ready for her smart glasses to help the hearing impaired.


2016 Top Ram Winner: physician assistant studies sophomore Amanda McCreight for Mark Your Map, an app that allows people to map their footprints around the world and organize their trip memories. Inspired by her love of travel, she received $1,500 and three months of office space from Make Offices for winning the Top Ram Matt Glass Award. “This has given me the confidence to continue moving forward and pursuing this idea,” McCreight said.