Alumni Careers

Graduates of the B.S. in Environmental Sustainability program are drawn to a variety of types of environmental work. Here are updates from some of our alumni:

Kyle Gronostajski (Class of 2011)

Kyle Gronostajski

Kyle Gronostajski is the Executive Director of Alliance for a Living Ocean (ALO). After working with the Philadelphia Science Festival and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, he returned to his home of Long Beach Island to head ALO and continue his career as a surf photographer. Kyle uses his event planning and outreach experience to further the mission of ALO, which is to promote and maintain a clean and healthy coastal environment. He has pursued this mission through projects like their water bottle filling stations, implementing new kid and adult friendly outreach programs, and many others, all while maintaining the day-to-day business of ALO. Kyle continues to use his love of the ocean in all his current pursuits.

Cameron Griffith (Class of 2013)

Cameron Griffith at wind turbine

Cameron Griffith is currently a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. Before that he served as the Service Provider Manager under contract to the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility, where he worked with commercial market customers to design and implement sustainable energy reduction plans, meeting strategic long-term goals for clients. He collaborated closely wtih design engineers, architects, and other service providers to review new efficient technologies entering the market and to develop methods to increase adoption of these technologies. Cameron has presented at national conferences and forums to advocate for clean energy and energy use reduction. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a member and active presenter with the Metropolitan Washington Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Association.

Liz Jones (Class of 2013)

After completing her master's degree in marine ecosystems at the University of Miami, Liz is now working as the lead marine scientist at Cummins Cederberg Coastal and Marine Engineering, a company specializing in consulting and engineering in the marine and coastal environments. She performs aquatic and terrestrial biological assessments in the field by snorkel or SCUBA. Such resource assessments are conducted to identify species of concern that may be located within project sites, including corals, seagrasses, mangroves and marine mammals. She also prepares federal, state and county environmental permits and coordinates with such agencies to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance. Additionally, she drafts analytical and technical reports so that conservation principles are applied to all coastal and marine engineering projects.

Liz Jones scuba

Samuel Lindenmuth (Class of 2012)

Sam is the Field Manager at The Anthill Farm, a 35-acre permaculture farm that grows annual vegetables as well as fruit and nut orchards (chestnut, hazelnut, pears, peaches, and apples), beef cattle, and poultry. He oversees the farm's crew of interns and employees as well as the majority of farm tasks from seed to harvest. His work includes training new employees, planting seeds, transplanting starts, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. Additionally he estimates weekly yields, allowing the farm to work closely with local restaurants and health food stores. He personally manages the farm's chicken flock both for meat and eggs on a pasture system, and the farm's beef herd is moved to fresh sections of grass daily. Sam reports that his job requires patience and intensive problem solving skills--the days are long and conditions can be rough but he says that's life on the frontline of today's food revolution!

Sam Lindenmuth Anthill Farm