About the Program

Learn to design the sustainable societies of the future in this one-of-a-kind program built to meet the demands of this emerging field.


  • Training in green architecture, environmental policy, sustainable business practices, life cycle assessment, and sustainable food and agriculture.
  • Elective courses to customize your major.
  • Strong foundation in the sciences and social/political issues allow you to pursue law, business, public policy and other fields.
  • Internship opportunities
  • Study abroad opportunities in locations like Copenhagen and Costa Rica

You will learn innovative ways to meet the global challenges of population growth, resource scarcity, urban development and climate change through an interdisciplinary curriculum set within an ethical framework. You will be able to navigate the complexity of environmental problem-solving at the intersection of public policy, science, economics and cultural studies.

To prepare you to think from a sustainability-focused perspective, we built our curriculum from the ground up including an essential mix of knowledge from the sciences and architecture, to business, engineering, politics and other fields. You can even take the opportunity to gain professional skills with a local internship around Philadelphia, or explore European sustainability practices in a study abroad program in Denmark.

In the environmental sustainability program you can customize your studies to meet your specific career objectives. With a diverse education and hands-on experience, you will become a valuable asset to a variety of businesses and organizations and an essential part or the world’s future. To find out more about the careers of our graduates, click here!

Our nationally-leading curriculum is featured in Sustainability: The Journal of Record. Click here to read more.

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David Cohen at New Growth Farm

Environmental Sustainability major David Cohen at his summer internship at New Growth Farm, an urban agriculture operation in North Philadelphia.