Fashion Design


Students are supported and encouraged to take internships and gain as much real-world experience while studying at PhilaU. Below is a typical course sequence for a fashion design undergraduate student.

Total: 125-127 credits

First Year (31-33 credits)

College Studies

  • Writing Seminar I
  • Historical Understanding I
  • Arts and Culture: History of Western Art

Quantitative Reasoning I + II

  • Finite Math + Introduction to Calculus OR
  • Pre-Calculus + Introduction to Calculus OR
  • Pre-Calculus + Calculus OR
  • Calculus I + Calculus II

DEC Process

  • Integrative Design process (IDP)

Major Core

  • Visual Studies: Design (Fall)
  • Drawing I (Fall)
  • Drawing II Figure Drawing (Spring)
  • History of Western Art II

Physical Education

  • Physical Education OR
    Community Service

Second Year (30 credits)

College Studies

  • Writing Seminar II (WRTG-215 recommended)

DEC Systems

  • Sustainability & Eco-Innovation OR
    Biology for Design

DEC Framework

  • Business Models

Major Courses

Fashion Design Research

  • Survey of the Textile Industry
  • Garment Structures (Fall)
  • Fashion Figure Drawing (Fall)
  • CAD for Fashion Design (Spring)
  • Pattern Development I (Spring)
  • History of Costumes & Textiles (Spring)

Third Year (30 credits)

College Studies

  • Humanities I
  • Social Sciences I
  • Language or Area Studies I

DEC Methods

  • Ethnographic Research Models

Major Courses

  • Pattern Development II (Fall)
  • Fashion Design (Fall)
  • Fashion Design Problem Solving (Spring)
  • Pattern Development III (Spring)
  • Technical Design OR
  • Fashion Illustration I

Free Electives

  • Free Elective (3 Credits)

Fourth Year (34 credits)

College Studies

Language or Area Studies II

  • Junior Seminar
  • Contemporary Perspectives
  • Science II

Major Core

  • Apparel Fabric Performance (Fall)
  • Seminar: Textile/Apparel Industry Issues
  • Collection Development I (Fall)
  • Collection Development II (Spring)
  • Apparel CAD/CAM
  • Designated Fashion Design Elective

Free Electives

  • Free Elective (3 Credits)

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