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Fresh Photos-2010

Participating Students

Erik Banh

Megan Bellucci

Daria Bondu-Minor 

Merry Degaga

Rachel Dwyer

Megan Freeman

Timothy Gobrecht

Amelia Gundersun-Herman

 Lauren Hedner

Rebecca Irwin
Regina James

Heather Morris

Laura Neff

Daniel Rich

Casey Thompson

David Trapp

Exhibit Design and Installation by Holly Ketner '11


Fresh Fotos: My First Year Experience Exhibit

The Fresh Fotos exhibit was created to bring to life the first year experience at Philadelphia University and runs from May 17 - Aug. 27, 2010. The first year of college is a major life transition during which students might face challenges in adjusting to a new place, managing their time and workload, starting new relationships, clarifying values, and establishing autonomy. 


These pictures share individual memories that collectively shaped the first year of college for 16 students in the 2009-2010 freshmen class. Moments that in hindsight really matter: meeting new people, exploring a new city, learning new concepts in class, mastering new skills in a studio or a lab, attending campus events, and working through awkward moments define a transformative time in the college experience.

First year students during the year were asked to submit photos and captions that reflected their experience at Philadelphia University.  From both unique and common experiences each student made meaning of their first year in their own manner. However through the ubiquitous photos of Love Park, the Rocky Statue and the Art Museum, and various Philadelphia landmarks we see students taking advantage of the city of Philadelphia, our extended campus. 

In addition, we see students participating in annual campus traditions such as the Day of Service and Relay for Life. The photos also illustrate major experiences unique to this year such the atypical amount of snow and the celebration of Coach Magee’s 903rd career coaching win which created a new NCAA record!

Whether the first year of college is now behind you, or your first year of college is fast approaching, this exhibit reminds us that we should appreciate each moment as valuable to the overall college experience.