Past Webinars

Our catalogue of pre-recorded webinars provides relevant information for prospective students, including program overviews, application requirements, and industry-specific topics that may be of interest

M.S. in Real Estate Development "Net Zero" Webinar Series (2018)
Net Zero energy homes are still a rarity in today's housing market. In this webinar series, developers discuss projects they have completed that are achieving net zero energy.
Part 1: John Miller, Flywheel Development
Part 2: Patricia Omondi, Redevelopment Authority of Prince George's County
Part 3: Mark James, Urban Green, LLC

Doctorate in Midwifery Webinar (2018)
This webinar included a special guest student, Karen Jefferson, CM, MS, FACNM, who provided participants with honest feedback about her experience in the program so far. Curriculum and application requirements were also covered.

College of Architecture & the Build Environment Info Session (2017)
This webinar provides a basic overview of the College of Architecture and the Built Environment and the various program offerings available a the graduate level.

M.S. in Midwifery Info Session (2017)
This webinar provides an overview of the Midwifery Institute at Jefferson and the wide variety of program options offered through distance-learning education. It also discusses paths available to becoming a midwife in the United States.