Graphic Design Communication

Course Schedule

Below is a typical course sequence for a graphic design communications undergraduate student, for specific scheduling questions students should contact their advisor or the Graphic Design Communications program director.

Freshman Year/Level 1: 31–33 credits

Level 1./Semester 1.

DEC-101. DEC: Integrative Design Process 3

DSGNFND-103. Design Foundation I. 3

ARTH-101. History of Western Art I. 3

WRTG-101. Writing Seminar I. 3

MATH-1XX. Quantitative Reasoning I. 3/4

Level 1./Semester 2.

DSGNFND-203. Design Foundation II. 3

VSDRW-101. Visual Studies: Drawing 3

ARTH-102. History of Western Art II. 3

HIST-114. Historical Understanding: American Transitions 3

MATH-1XX. Quantitative Reasoning II. 3/4

PE-XX or SERV-101. Physical Education or Community Service 1

Sophomore Year/Level 2: 32 credits

Level 2./Semester 1.

DEC-XXX. DEC: Sustainability & Eco-Innovation or Biology for Design 3

GRAPH-201. Design III. Introduction to Graphic Design 4

INDD-324. History of Design and Communications 3

WRTG-2XX. Writing Seminar II. 3

HUMN-2XX. Humanities I. 3

Level 2./Semester 2.

DEC-XXX. DEC: Business Models 3

GRAPH-202. Design IV. Introduction to Typography 4

PHOTO-204. Introduction to Photography for Graphic Design 3

GRAPH-XXX. History of Graphic Design 3

XXX. Science II. 3


Junior Year/Level 3: 32 credits

Level 3./Semester 1.

GRAPH-301. Design V. Advanced Typography 4

DIDG-206. Foundation in Web Design & Strategy (Web Design I.) 3

SOC-2XX. Social Science I. 3

XXX. Language or Area Studies I. 3

MKTG-102. Principles of Marketing 3

Level 3./Semester 2.

GRAPH-302. Design VI. Branding/Corporate Identity 4

DEC-XXX. DEC: Ethnographic Research Methods 3

JSLA/JSINT 3XX. Junior Seminar 3

XXX. Language or Area Studies 2. 3

GRAPH-XXX. Graphic Design Designated Elective 3


Senior Year/Level 4: 31 credits

Level 4./Semester 1.

GRAPH-401. Design VII. Systems Design Integration 6

GRAPH-XXX. Graphic Design Designated Elective 3

XXX. Free Elective 3

COLLST-499. Contemporary Perspectives 4

Level 4./Semester 2.

GRAPH-499. Design VIII. Capstone in Graphic Design Communication 6

GRAPH-XXX. Graphic Design Designated Elective 3

XXX. Free Elective 3

MKTG-310. Marketing Communications 3


Total Credits: Graphic Design Communication Curriculum 126—128


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