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Praise for the Program

“I viewed over 50 portfolios online, and chose 12 candidates to bring in for an interview for an entry-level graphic designer position. After the interviews were complete, two young designers clearly stood out from the rest. I am pleased to inform you that these top two candidates are both recent graduates from Philadelphia University. Their portfolios were professional, clean, and memorable. The types and range of projects that were included were very well chosen. I was particularly impressed with the quality of their portfolios and how they presented physical comps of their work. They both presented their work remarkably and it was evident that they were well prepared for their interviews. I would like to commend you and Philadelphia University on doing such a great job of teaching and preparing your students for the interview/portfolio review process.
—Scott Annunziata, Vice President, Studio Director, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

“As a Creative Director, I’m always looking for that creative, inventive, super-talented designer that can bring new ideas to the table. Philadelphia University is my go-to source. One such designer was my recent intern. Her computer/program skills were advanced, her illustration and hand work was trained and her “out of the norm” portfolio and projects were thoughtful and beautifully executed. She was professional and motivated, and of course, I hired her immediately. From this and other experiences with the program’s students and graduates, I’ve come to the conclusion that the strength of Philly U’s design department is their faculty. They have the ability to personalize every student’s experience and to guide them toward their own creative voice. A lot of universities offer design fundamentals (with rigid projects and requirements), but not many create an environment that is truly excited by excellence and the love of good design. The quality and high level of commitment to design, the community and their students is unsurpassed.”
—Carolyn Keer, Creative Director, Anthropologie

“Some of the best-trained designers today are coming from PhilaU. We have—and have had—several graduates on staff here at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and they come not only well trained, but well educated. Most importantly, while they have the design “tools” at their command, they also know how to think about communication problems.”
—Ruth Abrahams, Director of Editorial and Graphic Design, Philadelphia Museum of Art

“The graphic design program at Philadelphia University is developing new talent that is among the best that I’ve seen. Their graduates are highly creative, conceptual and critical thinkers who are well prepared for the real world. I am consistently impressed by their alums on my creative team, which is why Philly U is on my short list of go-to schools any time I’m looking to hire new talent.”
—Stephen R. Perry, Creative Director, Bailey Brand Consulting

“I was impressed with the polish and presentation of the PhilaU students that I interviewed; even those I did not bring in were professional in the way that they approached the application process. It looks like you have yourself a really good program over there!”
—Matthew Leake, Associate Director of Design Services, University of Pennsylvania

“My education at Philadelphia University was something that I took very seriously, never for granted. The harder I worked in school, the more I was able to believe in myself. This was something extremely important to me because sometimes you need to see things for yourself. My teachers believed in me to run my imagination and be as creative as I could be. I felt so honored and appreciative when asked to be a part of many amazing opportunities. I am so grateful for my education from Philadelphia University because it did not just teach me about basic knowledge, it taught me real life lessons. I will forever take to heart in working hard, never giving up, and believing in everything that I do. The possibilities and dreams are endless if you want something bad enough.”
—Lindsey Blake Gorfman '11, Graphic Design Communication Alumna

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