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The program’s curriculum is a combination of lectures, labs and studios, where students build their knowledge base and then synthesize their learning in large complex, and oftentimes, real-world sustainability projects.The MSSD Program offers students 3 ways to complete their degree: a 2-Year Full-Time Program, a 2-Year Online Program, and a Hybrid/Flex Program.  There is also a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practices.

Once you are accepted into the program you can review what option that is the best fit for you with your advisor. Below are brief descriptions of the degree options for your consideration.

M.S. in Sustainable Design – 2-Year Full-Time Program

This full-time program allows students to spend the time needed to delve deeply into the more detailed aspects of sustainable design, engineering and architecture. This track is required for graduate assistants or for international students seeking educational opportunities in this country (34 credits).

M.S. in Sustainable Design – 2-Year Online Program

This program is ideal for students who can’t move to Philadelphia but still want to complete the degree. All courses are offered completely online (34 credits).

M.S. in Sustainable Design – Hybrid/Flex Program

This program is designed to accommodate those who do not wish to pursue the traditional 2 year day program or the 100% on-line program. Those who wish to accelerate their degree, or attend part time, start on-line and finish on campus or start on-campus and finish online would select this option. Interested students will be directed to meet with the MSSD Program Director to design a course sequence that will meet the student’s unique needs. Students will receive a written course sequence from the program director at the end of the meeting. Students in this option will take a mix of on-campus and on-line courses (34 credits).

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practices

The online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practices Program is geared towards working professionals seeking to build their knowledge-base and credentials in the field of sustainable design, engineering and construction of the built environment. The program offers a wide array of critical skills including the LEED® rating system, building information modeling, the basics of energy modeling and life cycle assessment. Credits earned in the Certificate program are transferable into the M.S. in Sustainable Design program. Students must apply for, and be accepted into, the M.S. program. For additional information, please refer to the University website (12 credits).


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