The First Half of the course will focus on the principles of sustainability that underlie the movement to a new more integrated world view.

  • Week 1 looks at the Context for sustainability, beginning at the origins of the planet and finishing with a close study of the relatively short time frame of humanity on the planet.
  • Week 2 studies the underlying Motivations for sustainability, especially focused on resolving the duality between self-interest (greed) and empathy (altruism) as a means to build a new platform for “progress”.
  • Week 3 explores the Frameworks for sustainability with an emphasis on moving beyond superficial greening to authentic sustainability that features the holistic Quadruple Bottom Line and the multi lens perspectives of Integral Theory.
  • Week 4 delves deeper to look at some Perspectives for sustainability that include better understanding energy systems and their relationship to a changing climate. This sets the stage for the next four weeks which looks more specifically at sustainable design for the built environment.

The Second Half will focus on the methodologies of sustainable design

  • Week 5 includes a thorough look at the Rating Systems and Standards that govern sustainable design. The LEED® Rating System, Passivhaus and the Living building Challenge among others will be presented. Students have the option to receive training in preparation for the LEED® Green Associate exam.
  • Week 6 covers Integrative Design Behaviors which include the Integrated project delivery process (IPD), design charrettes, BIM integration, green construction and more.
  • Week 7 explores the pivotal role of Eco-Cities and EcoDistricts in achieving deeper levels of sustainability.
  • Week 8 focuses on the Sustainable Future by studying biophilia, biomimicry, urbiphilia and, resilience.

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