Student Work Highlights

Kevin Frost MSSD Thesis Project
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Kevin Frost MSSD Thesis

Sally Azer Thesis Project
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Alan Jalon and Chris Wilcox MSSD Thesis Project
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Alan Jalon and Chris Wilcox MSSD Thesis

Karen Schegel MSSD Thesis
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Karen Schegel MSSD Thesis Project

2008 Green Design Build Weavers Way Farm
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2008 Green Design Build

2009 Green Design Build Tyler Arboretum
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2009 Green Design Build

2010 Green Design Build Nature Center
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2012 Green design Build

MSSD Students in Action
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MSSD Students in Action

MSSD Studio Projects - Fueling Station of the Future

Graduate students in the M.S. in Sustainable Design program participated in an alternative-fueling station project where students
were challenged to envision future transportation and infrastructure needs and create a viable business around their designs.
Shown below are the before (left) and after (right) images of what graduate students Bethany Shiner, Laura Wilson ’09, Kyle Sanphy
and Ashley DiCaro, envisioned as a future fueling site that could replace a gas station currently located in Center City Philadelphia.
Their concept, titled “30x30”, resulted from the city of Philadelphia’s current plan to divert 70 percent of trash from landfills by the
year 2030. The team strived to answer the question, “What about the other 30 percent?” The “30x30” concept targets the remaining
30 percent of trash, ultimately bringing Philadelphia to a landfill-diversion rate of 100 percent by the year 2030.

30x30 would be an eco-share alliance center in the city that would turn trash and organic matter into electricity and energy sources.
Members of the alliance who dispose of trash at the 30x30 station
would earn points that would be used for fuel, mass transit, car-sharing programs, food and other services.

 Alternative Fueling Station Project - Before

 Alternative Fueling Station Project - After

MSSD Studio Project
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 MSSD Studio Project

Adaptive Design - SDN 602
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Adaptive design project