The Student Health Services staff maintains strict professional standards of privacy and confidentiality.

Information will be released only with the student’s written consent. 

Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Except for the staff at PhilaU Health Services, no PhilaU faculty, staff, or administrator has any access to student health records without written permission from the student, or in emergency situations as prescribed by the law. You are encouraged to express any concerns that you have about confidentiality with the nurse practitioner.

 We would release information only under the following exceptions:

  • If you give written permission to disclose information. Students may request specific medical records information, to be disclosed at their discretion.
  • If you present a danger to yourself and/or someone else
  • In certain (very rare) legal situations student health center staff may be required to disclose information as necessary to comply with the law, but every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality

Communicable Illness

If a student is diagnosed with a communicable illness that poses a possible threat to the University community, a general memo may be sent to those at risk for exposure to the illness per the recommendation of the Philadelphia Health Department. Efforts will be made to protect the infected student’s identity. The University cannot assume responsibility for deductions and assumptions made by others but will make every effort to anticipate and address any concerns.