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Health Services Department


Student Health Services welcomes all Philadelphia University students to campus to begin the new academic year.  We hope your year begins with good health and harmony!  In order to keep yourself in such a state, feel free to peruse our website in order to discover the preventive services we offer and please take advantage of them this year.  In case of illness, our website also offers information as to how we can help you regain your health. Good luck and have a great school year.

 ~ The Staff of Student Health Services

The SHC is available to all full-time students enrolled in courses at Philadelphia University.  We encourage all students who have submitted a completed Student Health Record to visit the SHC as often as needed.  For details about our services and more, please click on the links to the right of this page.


The Philadelphia University Student Health Center (SHC) is dedicated to providing confidential, comprehensive and accessible health care for all students, so they may achieve their maximum intellectual and academic potential.  Through student-centered programs and services, we encourage healthy behaviors and holistic lifestyle choices in order to support a foundation of wellness in our students.  Our mission is to help students become their own health advocates as they strive to reach an optimal state of well-being, and at the same time, to teach them how to best navigate the health care system to uphold their needs.

"Wellness must be a prerequisite to all else. Students cannot be intellectually proficient if they are physically and psychologically unwell." - Ernest Boyer



The Student Health Center is located within Scholler Hall: enter at stairway nearest to the Ram statue (across from the Gallagher Center). Click here for a map.

Mailing Address:

Philadelphia University Student Health Center
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Telephone: 215.951.2986
Fax Number: 215.951.6867
Email: HealthServices@PhilaU.edu