Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Honors Program at Philadelphia University?
    The Honors Program is an Academic Enrichment Program aimed at the top 10% of our students. It usually entails enrolling in seven courses at the “Honors” level.
  • What courses qualify as Honors?
    Most honors courses are offered out of the College Studies curriculum. Honors students take the honors version of a normally required course.
  • Does every honors student take 7 honors courses?
    An honors student may complete an approved community service project that can replace the requirement for an honors course. Students may also receive honors credits by taking a graduate course, studying abroad, internship, guided research, or independent study.
  • Why bother to take honors classes?
    An honors curriculum on a student’s resume and transcript verifies that the student strived for the best education possible. The classes are often smaller than the university's average and are restricted to honors students and those with at least a B average. The focus is on independent thought, critical analysis, and discussion. These courses prepare a student for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

    Honors students receive the option of honors housing, pre-selection for cmpetitive opportunities, extended library loan and invitations to participate in book discussions, interesting forums and other co-curricular activities with faculty.

    Every honors course completed becomes a permanent part of the student’s record. At graduation, those who have completed the honors curriculum and have a 3.4 or higher GPA wear the honors medallion and receive the honors certificate as well as their Philadelphia University diploma.
  • How does a student join the Honors Program?
    Students with outstanding high school records are invited to join the Honors Program when they are accepted to Philadelphia University. First year and transfer students who make the Dean’s List during their first semester are invited to pursue the honors certificate and first year students who earn over a 3.2 grade point average may apply and join on the recommendation of a faculty member or consultation with the Director.