Student Work

Michael Tagliavia ('11)

Paper written for: Thesis Prep - Prof. Susan Frosten
Abstract: Fan Groups in Italy
Violence among football fans in Italy seems to be an escalating issue. Recently the killing of a Sicilian police officer during a post-match riot in Catania caused a government stopgap in a national crisis. For years organized groups called Ultras and other fans have been attending these games and very often, tension within the game results in violence both in and outside the stadium walls. My research paper focuses on violence among Italian football fans and the differences between the Ultra groups, racist and fascist fans, and hooligans.
Paper written for - Sports, Culture and Society - Prof. Katharine Jones

Day of Service at St. Bridget’s

This year’s Honors Program site for the PhilaU Day of Service was St. Bridget’s Elementary School. Honors students worked in K – 6th grade classrooms assisting teachers with lessons, crafts, pe class (dodgeball), and more. The highlight of the day was the scarecrow construction going on in a number of the classrooms.

Carolyn Steinberg ’10 Conservation Biology – Paper Presentation:

Science and Technology Panel, From Micro to Macro: “Influence of Microhabitat on the Population Health of Elseya Sirlingi Population Centering around Resources”

    Carolyn Steinberg, NRHC Presentation
    Carl Klein & Matthew Ziemba – Poster Session

    “The EcoChallenge” Student Reflections…
    Matthew Ziemba
    Architecture ‘14

    Carl Klein & Matthew Ziemba, NRHC Presentation 2009 Ecochallenge Captain Presenting the EcoChallenge at the 2010 NRHC conference left an impression I will never forget. The experience broadened my prospective of the numerous other schools that have honors programs. Interacting with the students from these other schools showed the vastness of the scientific field, and how other people perceive something in a way you never could. The response to our poster was not what I anticipated. People made suggestions that made perfect sense in light of the challenge. Why not try this in future challenges? Maybe if you collected this instead of that, your data could be more expansive. However, the best part of the experience was when four separate people, after discussing our poster, said that they wanted to go back to their respective schools and inquire about starting their own similar EcoChallenge. The fact that one person was influenced in such a positive way, makes the NRHC conference and our poster a resounding success. That success could never have been achieved without the direction of Anne Bower, and the tools and methods she taught me in the Fall 2009 Environmental Science Honors course. The online blogging opened the door to numerous possibilities of ways to go green. The EcoChallenge itself taught me that going green is easier than using a computer. The ability to then share this knowledge with others, through NRHC, was a rich and enlightening experience I will never forget.

    Carl Klein
    Architecture ‘14

    The NRHC was a very educational experience. It was very interesting to hear about various topics ranging from the Chesapeake Bay to the role of women in sports. Overall, I had a great time. It was nice to see what other universities and colleges are doing with their honors programs.
    While representing Philadelphia University, many people came up to our poster. They were interested in the EcoChallenge. In fact, I believe that some of the people who visited were seriously thinking of getting their university or college to adopt some kind of program like the EcoChallenge. It was great to see how people can encourage each other. It would be great to see if any of the participating universities or colleges actually do implement a program like the EcoChallenge.
    When not participating in the conference, Matt and I visited the State Capitol. We both enjoyed our tour of the building. The part that stood out the most for us was the architectural detail. We learned that in the House the walls are clad in a certain type of marble that was only quarried for the Pennsylvania State Capitol. After our tour, we walked around downtown Harrisburg and down by the riverside.

    Tyler Fleming - Poster Presentation

    Assessing PAH Residues from “Third Hand” Tobacco Smoke: Significant Vector for Exposure or a Non-Issue? Click here to view Tyler's Poster.

    Journal of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM) Volume 8, Issue 4.
    Acceptance Date: April 26, 2012, Publication Date: August 2012

    Veronica Keefer - Paper Session

    Arts and Humanities-Architectural Visions