Frequently Asked Questions

Will Honors be too much my first year?

Many students have this concern. College can be a significant life transition, so you want to be selective about your involvements to get a strong start. Most students who begin honors in the first year do just fine. You’ll be in ONE class with other honors students who are also making the same adjustment.

How difficult is Honors?

We get this question all of the time. Honors is not overwhelming. The idea is to excite our high credentialed students about discussing different perspectives and discovering new material prepared with them in mind! Most students enjoy and appreciate the intensity of the material, yet relaxed and open atmosphere.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to participate anymore?

You are not penalized for opting out. Any honors work you completed remains on your transcript. If you decide honors is not for you, simply contact the Honors Director and you will be removed from the database of active students.

Should I apply for Honors Housing?

The honors housing community typically becomes a tightly knit peer group for those who chose it. That is why we recommend it so highly. It’s a built in community you have from your first day. Also, we find students who live and take classes together have greater access to work and play together. Students in the honors hall enjoy active social lives just as other students - while sharing the value of highly prioritizing your academics. Many students who live in honors freshman housing report they made their closest friends there. When moving on to second year housing, students often do so with clusters from the honors hall.

Where is the Honors housing?

This year, Honors housing will be located in Partridge Hall on the Ravenhill Campus. You’ll be next door to all of the other freshmen. Partridge is a newly renovated facility, is air-conditioned and will accommodate 2 floors of women and 1 floor for men. There are common bath/ shower, kitchen, and lounge areas. You can visit the Res Life webpage for more information about the floor plan. Click here to visit the Residence Life website.

Can I have a non-honors roommate?

Placement in the honors residence hall is neither required of honors freshman nor guaranteed to honors housing applicants. In recent years, there have been more honors hall applicants than available beds, so the honors housing assignments are made using a lottery. Due to high demand, the honors living community is exclusively for honors students, unless space remains available after filling honors placements. Regardless of residential placement, all honors freshmen are included in honors freshmen activities and communications. Again, Partridge is just next door to the other first year residence halls. 

How can I be certain I’m in Honors?

As an incoming student, you should have:

  1. Received an invitation to Honors via mail;
  2. Returned the information form included with your invitation;
  3. Received a letter confirming your enrollment in Honors.

Continuing students should contact the Honors director any time to consult on your honors standing.

What now?

Request to join the Honors Facebook page: Philadelphia University’s Honors Program to get to know new and continuing Honors students.

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