Frequently Asked Questions

When will I learn if I am admitted to Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson?

Applications for Honors are due no later than April 1. Decisions regarding admission will occur on a rolling basis February through May. 

How much is the academic scholarship and is it for each of my undergraduate years?

The Honors Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship is packaged considering other grants and aid. Students can expect to receive the same award each of their undergraduate years of study unless their GPA drops below a 3.2 for two consecutive semesters.  

If I am admitted to Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson, what do I do next?

Once admitted to Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson you should follow the standard Admission protocol of:

  • Filing your FAFSA (Use Thomas Jefferson University FAFSA Code:#013549)
  • Attend University and Honors Program Accepted Students Events
  • Finally, if you decide Jefferson is the University for you, then officially enroll in the academic college or school for your professional track, and your admission into the Honors Program will be confirmed.
  • Because you are eligible for Honors priority housing, we also strongly encourage you to complete your housing application as soon as possible to be entered into the honors housing lottery as soon as possible.   At the time, we cannot guarantee every Honors freshman placement in the Honors residence hall.

If I am already an enrolled student at Jefferson, am I allowed to apply to Philadelphia University Honors at Jefferson? 

The Honors Program welcomes applications from enrolled students and those who transfer to Jefferson.  Each application will be reviewed by the Honors Selection Committee on an individual basis.

What happens if I decide to leave Honors or do not remain in good standing?

You are not penalized for opting out, but your academic scholarship and other privileges associated with the program will no longer be available. Any Honors work you completed remains on your transcript. Contact the Honors Director and you will be removed from the database of active students.   

Should I apply for Honors Housing?

The Honors housing community typically becomes a tightly knit peer group for those who choose to participate. It’s a built-in community you’ll have from your first day and this is why we strongly encourage it as part of the first year experience.  We find students who live and take classes together have greater access to work and socialize together. Students in the Honors hall enjoy active and balanced lives just as other students - while sharing the value of highly prioritizing academics. Many students who live in Honors freshman housing report making their closest friends there. When moving on to second year housing, students often do so with clusters from the Honors residence hall.

Where is the Honors housing?

This year, Honors housing is located in Partridge Hall on the East Falls Campus. Students are next door to all of the other freshmen. Partridge is an air-conditioned facility and accommodates two floors for women and one floor for men. There are common bath/ shower, kitchen, and lounge areas.  Please visit the Residence Life webpage for more information about the floor plan. Click here to visit the Residence Life website.

Can I have a non-Honors roommate?

Due to high demand, the Honors residence is exclusively for Honors freshmen, unless space remains available after filling Honors placements. Though recommended, placement in the Honors residence hall is neither required of, nor guaranteed to Honors housing applicants. When there are more Honors hall applicants than available beds, the Honors housing assignments are made using a lottery. Regardless of residential placement, all Honors freshmen are included in Honors freshmen activities and communications. Best of all, Partridge is just next door to the other first year residence halls so you will live in close proximity to your classmates.