Affordable Care Act

The Healthcare Affordable Care Act effects people in different ways. Here are some printable reference guides to help you navigate the new healthcare law.  

1. General Q & A for Employees

This document answers basic questions regarding the health care reform law, when the law becomes affected, penalties for those who do not elect coverage, information regarding the health care Marketplace and when insurance becomes available.

2. Common Acronyms

Listed in this document are common acronyms associated with the health care reform law.

3. Getting Lower Cost on Coverage 

This document includes information about how to get lower costs on Marketplace coverage, Medicaid, and low cost or free coverage through community centers.

4. Changes to Other Federal health Care Programs

This document answers questions about changes to other Federal Programs including: Medicaid, CHIP, TRICARE, other veteran military programs, and what to do if you need coverage prior to January 1, 2014.

5. Compare Your Health Care Options

Resources to help compare and improve your quality of care such as: nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospitals, dialysis facilities, and physicians.

6. Rights and Protection 

This document provides information about your rights and protections with the new health care law such as: protection under the law, how the penalty is assessed, coverage for pregnancies, appealing a health plan decision,  and insurance not covered under the law.

7. What if I already have Insurance?

This document answers questions about job-based health insurance, COBRA coverage, and Flexible Spending Accounts.   

8. General Q & A Regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace

Answers to basic questions about the Health Insurance Marketplace can be found in this document along with key dates to mark on your calendar!

9. Enrolling in Health Insurance Marketplace

This document describes the four steps needed to obtain coverage through the Marketplace.

10. What does the Individual Mandate Mean to Me?

Learn about requirements for individuals to purchase health insurance coverage also called the Individual Mandate.

11. The Marketplace Health Plan Categories

Listed in this document are the four categories of Marketplace insurance plans.  Get information here about the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans.