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About PhilaU

Our History
Founded over 125 years ago, our entrepreneurial spirit stretches back to the American Industrial Revolution. We’ve always been willing to take a pulse on what’s happening in industry and the greater world to see what needs solving and invent solutions. That’s value creation.

Built on a legacy of fashion and textiles, our rich understanding of the intersection of style, function and manufacturing carries through to today’s business environment, resulting in a creative, yet results-oriented, academic atmosphere.

Our Students
We immerse future designers, engineers and entrepreneurs in their fields early, working on real challenges and collaborating with students in other fields to take joint ownership of projects. They learn to integrate knowledge, develop better decision-making skills, untangle complex problems, such as water consumption and energy alternatives, and identify opportunities to invent solutions.

Our Faculty
Faculty members provide thought leadership and project management throughout the engagement. Faculty scholarly publications and presentations may refer to the company’s sponsorship and the project collaboration, as appropriate. This can provide a unique platform for promoting sponsor companies and their commitment to innovation.

Our Capabilities
PhilaU has unique laboratories and facilities to support innovation projects. State-of-the-art lab facilities – including advanced materials testing labs, composite materials development, textile fabrication and testing, advanced CAD, large format graphic and 3D printing capabilities, along with biomedical labs –support research and engineering work. Students also collaborate in design studios and utilize advanced fabrication equipment to prototype project concepts.

The University is expanding collaborative research space with the addition of the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce building, a nearly 40,000-square-foot facility that will have advanced design studios, support design development, prototyping and customer insight research.


Interested in learning more? Contact  D.R. Widder, Executive Director of Innovation.