Executive Immersion Education

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) has a long history and expertise in a method of brainstorming and problem solving using design studio charrettes. It is a proven method to get results in complex situations with many stakeholders and viewpoints.

The Jefferson Charrette is an intense problem solving technique where all stakeholders are present and engaged in an ongoing collaborative and structured process that by its nature generates holistic solutions. Because this process is unconventional and simultaneously approached by participants from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, the solutions created through this process tend to be more innovative, sustainable and long-term.

This is ideal for situations where there are multiple stakeholders, tough problems, and/or new opportunities where there is not a clear path in how to move forward due to lack of consensus or stakeholder disagreements.

Community Relations
The Jefferson Charrette Studio is an ideal interface between the public, government, and business. These constituents have extremely diverse, and often conflicting, needs and viewpoints. Simultaneously, there is opportunity for economic and social value creation when these stakeholders can work together. Jefferson has successfully facilitated charrette studios for these situations, where over several work sessions, a consensus was reached and progress achieved.

Mount Airy Example:
The Mt. Airy Art’s Garage participated in a Jefferson Charrette to identify design and funding opportunities. Jefferson worked with the clients and their design team, architect and other stakeholders to identify multiple options to achieve their goals based on different financial scenarios for both short and long-term goals. Additionally, multiple funding partners were identified based upon the particulars of the design, community and organization structure.

Team Immersion and Executive Education
The Jefferson Charrette Studio is a powerful technique internally for companies to build team consensus.

In some cases, external participants, such as domain experts, or external stakeholders, such as representative customers or industry leaders, can participate in the charrette depending on the goals.

Executive Execution: The Jefferson Charrette Studio was used successfully for a well-established company that wanted to move into “green” markets. A two day workshop for executives was developed, consisting of one day of facilitated education on the state of the art in relevant green technology, and current state of the target market. The second day consisted of a team workshop with product managers from across the company brainstorming on the impact of the market In addition to the direct outcomes, new cross-company relationships and ad hoc networks were formed.

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