Process and Outcomes

Charrette Studio work includes the following stages:

Exploration: The organization comes with a specific or general area of interest or problem. Jefferson experts work with the organization to frame the issue and plan the appropriate charrette studio.

Preparation: Background research performed by Jefferson around project specifics. Preparation materials and preliminary work sent to participants.

Charrette: Series of work session usually consisting of the components of

     o Executive education tailored to their specific interest
     o Expert facilitation of brainstorming and problem solving work session(s) around their issue
     o Expertise brought in from our network to contribute
     o A "crit" component to further develop outcomes

Implementation: Follow-up activities to continue momentum and execute plan.

Innovation to Get Results:
Our approach increases probability of implementation through an integrated team design process, early focus on actions and implications, and bringing all decision makers together for a compressed period of time. This process saves time and money through time-compressed work sessions, and reduced rework via short design feedback loops.

The entire philosophy promotes trust between stakeholders and hearing all voices. Previous work and research shows that these methods lead to more innovative solutions, and that the more discipline-diverse the participants are, the more likely innovative solutions become.  Frameworks include:

  • New contexts: Reframing issues, and working on them in a neutral, moderated, focused forum gets results.
  • New ideas: Brainstorming and incorporation of diverse inputs.
  • New agreement: Creation of broad support from community members, professionals, and staff
  • New action: A focus on actionable outcomes.

“Alligator to Advocate”: The charrette process often results in transforming the most outspoken and negatively inclined stakeholder into a supporter, and sometimes even into an advocate and champion for the results.

Interested in learning more? Contact  D.R. Widder, Executive Director of Innovation.