Outcomes for Your Organization

1. Knowledge sharing
For the company, projects provide the opportunity for key employees to be exposed to new innovation frameworks and design processes, to interact with faculty leaders in their academic areas, and to be exposed to fresh perspectives. Company employees will gain further experience working in cross-functional and cross-cultural (academic and industry) teams and by sharing information between teams with diverse backgrounds and geographies.

For PhilaU students and faculty, the project outcomes include exposure to real world, current industry issues, markets, processes and the accomplishment of delivering concrete business value. In-depth knowledge of the company’s market, operations and overall business is essential to develop the project focus and  give exposure to adjacent issues.

2. Business impact
Milestones throughout the process and final results deliver indirect and direct business value to the company including innovative ideas and tangible products and/or services.

3. Network building
Through these projects, industry partners build networks with academic thought leaders and researchers, and other industry contacts in the PhilaU’s broad network of professional connections.  Also, our partners build relationships with students who could be future leaders in your company, and get an in-depth view of their potential in a way no interview could.

4. Mutual reputation building and expanded opportunity
Working with PhilaU can add unique academic and research credibility to a Company’s work, and can provide brand and PR exposure through channels such as conferences, publications, and other academic forums.

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