1. Project Discovery
Company representatives present the business situation and the problem/opportunity where there is a possible engagement.

2. Shaping Opportunities
We work together in a consultative role to shape the opportunity to best fit capabilities with needs to achieve high impact outcomes.

3. Engagement Contract
The company and Jefferson enter into a sponsored project agreement specifying the scope of work.

Timeline: Generally the work is timed to coincide with the academic calendar. Other structures, such as sprint projects or other formats, are possible.

Milestones: Per the project plan, there are one or more intermediate work sessions and project reviews consisting of key company personnel and Jefferson participants.

Contribution to educational outcomes: Throughout the project, tours of the company’s facilities, interaction with staff, and participation in trade shows and customer visits (as appropriate) will help students gain exposure to the company’s environment while working toward project outcomes.

Final event/deliverables: Final presentations, prototype deliverables and a final event for all participants.

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