Interactive Design and Media


First Year (31-33 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Pathways Seminar
  • Writing Seminar I: Written Communication
  • Debating U.S. Issues
  • Mathematics I
  • Mathematics II

Physical Education, Service Learning, or University Discovery

DEC Process

  • Integrative Design Process

Major Courses

  • Design Essentials (Fall)
  • Drawing Essentials (Fall)
  • Design II: Intro to Graphic Design (Spring)
  • History of Western Art I or History of Westen Art II
  • Drawing Elective (3 credits)

Second Year (32 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Ethics
  • Global Diversity
  • Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication

DEC Core

  • Science (Select one DECSYS, 3 credits)
  • Framework: Business Models

DEC Framework/Business Core

  • Business Models

Major Courses

  • Design III for Graphic Design (Fall only)
  • Design IV for Graphic Design (Spring only)
  • Foundations in Web Design & Strategy

Business Core

  • Marketing Foundations
  • Management Foundations
  • E-Business Strategy

Third Year (34 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • American Diversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Debating Global Issues

DEC Methods

  • Integrative Seminar: Ethnographic Research Methods

Major Courses

  • Interactive Design I (Fall only)
  • Interactive Design II (Spring only)
  • Theory of Electronic Communications Seminar (Fall)
  • Designated IDM Elective (DIGD-307, DIGD-310, DIGD-312, DIGD-405, DIGD-415, GRAPH-341, DIGD-206, 3 credits)
  • Free Electives (6 credits)

Fourth Year (32 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Capstone Folio Workshop

Major Courses

  • Web Development (Fall)
  • Interactive Design III (Fall only)
  • Capstone Project Preparation (Fall only)
  • Interactive Design IV: Capstone (Spring only)
  • Designated IDM Electives (DIGD-307, DIGD-310, DIGD-312, DIGD-405, DIGD-415, GRAPH-341, DIGD-206, 6 credits)
  • Free Electives (6 credits)

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