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Transfer Opportunities

Jefferson welcomes students from other colleges who would like to transfer into our Interior Design Program. We understand that each transfer student has a unique educational background so we carefully review individual applicants for proper placement in the program.  If you are considering transferring we generally recommend that you do so early in your college years since the coursework is sequential and builds on knowledge and skills acquired early in the program. 

Students who would like to transfer into the Interior Design Program should submit their application to the Admissions Office. Be sure to schedule a portfolio review if you have taken any college-level art or design courses. All college-level courses and portfolio work will be evaluated for equivalences to Thomas Jefferson University courses.

If you would like to meet with the director or faculty member from the Interior Design Program you may request an appointment through our Admissions Office.

The following community colleges have pre-determined course equivalences for interior design, which is available through the Admissions Office: 

Brookdale Community College
Community College of Philadelphia
Northampton Community College.

We have had many students successfully transfer into our Interior Design Program. We welcome you to apply!

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