About the Program

Logically analyze society’s issues and institutions through the lenses of law, sociology, criminology, psychology and political science, while honing communications skills in this multidisciplinary program.

You will build critical thinking skills and learn to effectively communicate in any situation.  You will learn how philosophy, ethics, history, politics, economics, culture, science, and religion shape the role of law in society.  You will actively examine legal systems, courts and conceptions of justice and human rights within both the American and international contexts, building your wealth of knowledge in the history of legal systems and social sciences.

You will also have the opportunity to explore your interests in mock trials, join Phi Alpha Delta, an international law fraternity; or try an internship somewhere like the UN, FBI, the Prosecutor’s Office of Philadelphia or law offices throughout the region. 

Our faculty of political and legal professionals will bring dynamic, real-world situations into the classroom. They will offer their experience to help guide you to your best career path. Combined with an education in liberal arts, social sciences, and effective communication skills, you will have the ability to do anything, from continuing your education in a top-tier law school, to pursuing careers in legal fields, politics, criminal justice, law enforcement, non-profits and government organizations.