Our students have a knack for jumping right in when it comes to hard work.  They have landed impressive internships exploring law and society in non-profit service organizations, the United States government, and the European Parliament, just to name a few.  

Check out some of our students’ amazing experiences:

Monica Schacker, Class of 2015

Job: Intern, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in New York

Duties: Specifically, I worked with the White Collar Crime Unit of the Economic Crime Bureau, which handles complex frauds and schemes. I worked closely with the Assistant District Attorney on one major case for the entire summer, which included work in the office as well as pre-trial appearances in court. My duties included reviewing bank account records, purchases, and company services for any suspicious activity. In addition I also logged in and documented over one thousand pieces of evidence for the Grand Jury and the upcoming trial.

Best Part: The best part of the internship was learning about White Collar Crime and how to use documents of evidence for prosecution. This unit works totally different than any other criminal unit of law, mostly dealing with numbers and papers rather than physical evidence. Although it was challenging, I learned a lot and would recommend the internship to anyone.

Didier Barjon,  Class of 2014

 Job: I interned at the PA Office of Attorney General in Philadelphia, Consumer Affairs Division, and with Judge John Younge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Civil Division at City Hall during the summer of 2013.

Duties: At the OAG, I assisted agents with all aspects of investigation and possible litigation of consumer complaints of fraudulent business practices.  I reviewed and catalogued subpoenaed documents, summary of complaint files, and contact for consumers/potential witnesses for trial.

With Judge Younge, I assisted with pretrial preparation, post-trial wrap-ups, case document review, and experienced meetings between the Judge and council members.

Best Parts:  My experience with the OAG showed me the agents that work there really are trying to help others. The office targets fake businesses and frauds that take people’s money in a deceptive way. Generally, the people who request help from OAG are those who cannot quite afford an attorney. I believe I really helped those who truly needed my help.

With Judge Younge, I was able to witness major jury trials first-hand. I also had excellent networking opportunities, because I was able to meet countless attorneys and law school interns.

Kamil Simmons,  Class 2013

 Job:  I interned at the Attorney General’s Office: Consumer Affairs branch during the summer of 2013.

Duties: I dealt with customer complaints, investigation and litigation preparation. I was given the responsibility to put together a Word Document that held every law, title, and regulation in regards to consumer affairs; everyone in the OAG office was able to find laws more quickly than before.

Best Part:  The experience changed my life. I gained first-hand legal experience and learned some great skills in briefing and legal research. I was able to decide if complaints were for Consumer Affairs or whether they should be sent to a different office to be reviewed. I even met some great lawyers, who discussed the aspects of the legal profession and how they became successful lawyers themselves. The OAG really allowed me to decide how I would categorize a complaint and how it should be handled. I was given some important responsibilities, which happens to be one of the most rewarding parts of interning at the OAG. Everyone considered me a part of the team, even though I was just an intern. I truly learned the importance of networking while interning for the Attorney General’s Office. The experience was more than what I expected. I was able to achieve another one of my dreams working with the OAG.


Elza Grigoryan,  Class of 2014

Job:  I interned at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the study abroad program. I still cannot believe it.

Duties: I helped the assistants of the Members of European Parliament, MEP. Attended meetings that were “closed doors,” which meant it was private and anything said within the doors must be kept inside the doors. I worked for Romania, because it was a newer member of the European Union and there was a lot of work to be done. I helped do research for my MEP, I wrote amendments for different fields of the EU such as woman’s rights, I helped write speeches for my MEP for her meetings, and I attended meetings that the MEP or assistant could not attend.

Best part: It truly was the most incredible work experience I’ve had thus far. I always knew I wanted to work in the field of international law, but I was not quite sure what I wanted to do exactly. Most importantly, my colleagues in the Romanian office were such amazing people to work with and always were there to answer any questions I had. It has also made my career path much clearer.

John Sczepanski
,  Class of 2014

 Job:  I interned at the Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection in the summer of 2013. 

Duties:  I was responsible for calling companies, summarizing cases, and starting up case files on consumer specific complaints. I was actively involved in litigating claims against alleged fraudulent companies who may have injured others.  

Best Part: I had a very fulfilling experience and gained a strong understanding of consumer protections laws, and now I see a possible future in a similar field. I would recommend an internship like this one to anybody who is interested in getting involved in consumer protection - you will learn a lot very quickly.

Armand Rechelian,  Class of 2014

Job:  I worked with the Violent Crimes section of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) during the summer of 2013.

Duties: I helped Special Agents and Task Force Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department assigned to the ATF with investigations on cases involving illegal weapons, illegal drugs, and even homicide.

Best Part: I had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be a Special Agent working for the United States Federal Government. The exposure I had to investigations and law enforcement was incredible. Through this experience, I realized that this is my calling.