Advising Forms


Approval of a Double Major

Change of Graduate Program

Declaring a Concentration

Declaring a Minor

Declaring a Custom Minor

Permission to Study Off Campus at Another Institution

Registering for a Course Three Times or More

Request for Change-of-Catalog-Year

Request for Change of Major

Student-Advisor Action Plan


All Pre-Requisite Waiver Forms MUST be initiated by the Advisor

Pre-Requisite Waiver Form (C-ABE)

Pre-Requisite Waiver Form (C-SHLA)

Pre-Requisite Waiver Form (Kanbar College)



For any of the forms listed below, please visit the Office of the University Registrar


Application for Replacement Diploma

Audit Form

Change of Address, Name or SSN

Change of Grade Form

Course Withdrawal Form

Credit by Examination or Challenge Examination

Credit or No-Credit Option

Diploma Translation

Application For DMM Certificate

Agreement for the Completion of Work Outstanding

Leave of Absence

Non-Degree Application

Accelerated Program Pre-Certification

Undergraduate Pre-Certification

Graduate Pre-Certification

Pre-Certification Short Form

Application for Replacement Diploma

Request for Permission to Walk

Course Substitution Form

Withdrawal from the University

Pre-Requisite Waiver


Last Update:  January 2015