For Faculty

The Learning & Advising Center is a resource for faculty who wish to help students adjust to the academic demands of university life. When you refer your students to the Center for tutoring or to meet with an advisor, you communicate the value of these services to students who may be hesitant or who do not yet understand the importance of seeking help. By sending Academic Alerts, you express your concern for the student and collegially share your concern with that student’s faculty advisor. Though Academic Alerts do not become part of the student’s permanent academic record, they are a method of informing students and their advisors that improvement is necessary.

The Learning & Advising Center directly assists faculty advisors by consulting and providing information in all areas of problem solving, curricula, academic policy and procedure, and advising practice. Please direct your advising questions to the Director, Pat Thatcher or the Assistant Director, Megan Mills. You may also access advising forms and other relevant academic resources through our website. Please consult the Advising Forms section of our site and the links below.



Syllabus Statement

Please copy and paste the following statement onto your syllabus to refer students to important academic support services.

The Learning & Advising Center (

The Learning & Advising Center provides learning assistance for Writing, Math, time management, and content-specific Philadelphia University courses.* Links to the Tutoring Schedule, guidelines for citation and documentation, and other academic resources are available on the Center’s website. Students may also stop by the Learning & Advising Center in Haggar Hall or call (215) 951-2799 to schedule appointments or ask questions.

[*Faculty who wish to include a reference to tutoring for their own course or to require tutoring for their students should contact the Tutorial Coordinator directly at x2799 to confirm tutoring details.]