Are you Ready for College Math?

For some students, the scariest thing about coming to college is taking College Math.  “I’ve always received all A’s and B’s in everything, except math.”  “I was really good in math until 8th grade.  The teacher that year was terrible, and after that I never did well.” “I just plain hate math.” I think I have heard it all. Why do students find math so difficult?  There are numerous reasons. I have a lot of my own theories that I would love to share with you some other time.  For now, I will emphasize one in particular:  One reason why students find math more difficult than other courses is because, more that in any other subject, every new skill builds on prerequisite skills.  If you are missing a concept that is key to a new skill, no amount of effort or studying will enable you to learn the new skill.

Are you one of those students who are worried about their first math course here?  If so, I would expect you to have two questions.  One – do I have the skills I need to be successful in this course?  Two – if I do not have the prerequisite skills, what can I do about it?  I hope to answer both of those questions.

Obviously (although that is not a very good word to use when speaking about math), the math you need in order to be ready for your college math course completely depends on the particular course. 

Follow the link to your math class to find a description of the background necessary to be successful in that course. 

MATH-099  (Fundamentals of College Mathematics)

MATH-100 or MATH-101 (Finite Mathematics)

MATH-102 (Pre-Calculus)

MATH-103 (Introduction to Calculus)

MATH-110 (Pre-Calculus for Science and Engineering)

MATH-111 (Calculus I)

Get yourself ready.  You can succeed in math.