What you need for MATH-102

If you will be taking MATH-102, Pre-Calculus in the fall, there will be many concepts that your professor will assume you already grasp.  Signed arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers and fractions) will be covered in 15 minutes, if at all. Operations on polynomials and rational expressions,

for example1

will probably be covered quickly in class, with the assumption that you are familiar with them already.   It will also be assumed that you have solved equations, simplified radicals:

(For example, solve for x:  x2 - 7x = 8, or simplify radical or fractional exponent)

If you found any of the above challenging in high school, start getting help right away, with the first or second problem set.

You can get free, individual tutoring and group tutoring at the Learning and Advising Center (215)951-2799.