Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The tutoring program at Philadelphia University provides opportunities and assistance for all students to develop the writing, quantitative, content-based, learning, and critical thinking strategies required for both academic and professional success.  Our tutoring staff, comprised of trained peer and professional Nexus Learning practitioners, forms supportive relationships with students, assisting them to practice the active, collaborative, and real-world learning strategies they will use when navigating the evolving global marketplace.

Vision Statement

The tutoring program at Philadelphia University will be recognized as a model for promoting Nexus Learning.  We will provide opportunities and assistance for students at all levels to learn how to think theoretically and apply knowledge practically.  Students will be encouraged to ask themselves “What shall I learn?” as they gain competencies in their professions, and to ask “How shall I learn?” as they develop lifelong learning skills in communication, problem solving, and critical reasoning.