Peer Tutoring

The Learning & Advising Center offers content and skills learning support for a wide range of Philadelphia University courses. Trained Peer Tutors assist fellow students in learning the study habits and ways of thinking that are necessary for success in a specific subject area.  Some tutors also lead course-related workshops that improve collaborative learning.

Some courses are offered by appointment, while others have Drop-In hours.  If you have a scheduling conflict and cannot see a tutor during his or her hours, or if you do not see the course you need listed below, please call 215.951.2799 to request assistance.


Tutoring in FALL 2015 will be available starting August 31st  for all enrolled PhilaU students!

To view which tutoring services are available, log into your Starfish account. Tutors and their schedules will be listed under View My Courses, as well as under Services.

Spring 2015 tutoring schedule

More services including professional tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, workshops, and group tutoring sessions are available and can be viewed on Starfish.