Sending Academic Alerts

Academic Alert Form

The Learning & Advising Center is a resource for faculty who wish to help students adjust to the academic demands of university life. When you refer your students to us for tutoring or to meet with an advisor, you communicate the value of these services to students who may be hesitant or who do not yet understand the importance of seeking help. By sending Academic Alerts, you express your concern for the student and share your concern collegially with a student’s faculty advisor. While Academic Alerts do not become part of a student’s permanent academic record, they are a method of directly informing students and their advisors that improvement is necessary.

Directions for Sending Your Academic Alert via E-Mail

1. Download the "Academic Alert Form" form to your computer.

2. Save the document under a file name to your desktop (e.g., Student Name Alert 092412.docx, to reflect a name and date).

3. Type the information you wish to enter directly onto the document. 

4. Send the file as an email attachment to Don't forget to attach the form.



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