Library Instruction Space

instructionspaceThe Library Instruction Space (LIS) is intended for educational sessions which support the Information Literacy (IL) mission of the Library and University. It is an open area on first level of Library to the far left of the entrance, adjacent to the Library Director’s Office


  • Can accommodate approximately 20 students
  • 19 student laptops + one instructor laptop
  • SMARTboard - serves as a large-screen projection monitor; with color-marker annotation, touch-screen functionality, and whiteboard capabilities.
  • Instructor lectern
  • Mobile whiteboards – (2)

Room Reservations

  • Make reservations at least one week prior to the class date, but no less than 48 hours in advance.
  • Check Outlook’s Public Folders for “Library Instruction Space” to identify free dates/times.
  • Contact Deann Mojado ( or x2843) to arrange a reservation.
  • For first-time users of the space, a brief orientation (15-30 min.) will be provided.
  • No class will be scheduled during a time when the library is closed.

Directions for Use

On the day of class, allow around 15-30 minutes to:
  • At the Circulation Desk, obtain keys to the laptop cart and lectern. Leave a University ID or other picture ID, and sign the Room Agreement form.
  • Set up student laptops.
  • Hook up a personal laptop to the SMARTboard (for projection only) OR hook-up the instructor laptop (from laptop cart) to the SMARTboard for use of annotation, touch-screen and whiteboard functions.

At the close of class, the following are the responsibility of the instructor:
  • Shut down and return laptops to laptop cart in the properly numbered slots and connected to each power source.
  • Lock laptop cart.
  • Return the SMARTboard markers and eraser to the lectern and lock the drawer.
  • Turn SMARTboard off.
  • Return laptop cart and lectern key to the Circulation Desk; retrieve ID.

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