Mission / Vision / Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision, Goals – 2011-2014


Gutman Library staff work collaboratively with the University community to ensure that students successfully achieve institutional learning outcomes. The Library develops, preserves, organizes, and makes accessible a variety of relevant physical and digital information resources which support the University’s curricular, co-curricular, and research goals.


Blend an outstanding physical and virtual presence, so that the library is valued as the premier academic information resource of the University.



Maintain a standard of performance based on the ethical and professional requirements of our profession. Continually strive to improve our skills and expand our learning.

University Commitment

Support the mission and goals of the University with participation and professionalism.

Societal Commitment

Advance the professional values of intellectual freedom, intellectual property rights and values, user privacy and confidentiality, collaboration, and user-centered service.


Listen to the needs and preferences of our user community. Respond with high quality customer service that is appropriate and respectful of all users: students, faculty, staff, and administration. Provide library services in an environment that is mindful of the comfort level and dignity of our users.

Importance of Technology

Be proactive in the use and application of technology. Be willing to take risks in trying new information resources, as well as related software and hardware.


Goal 1. Develop and maintain systems, technologies, and collections which enable Philadelphia University community members to independently and easily locate and access information of sufficient quality, depth, and currency to support of their teaching and research needs.

Goal 2. Create an information environment with a combination of services and resources that encourages regular and frequent use of library resources by the Philadelphia University community.

Goal 3. Renew and refresh the library’s physical environment to preserve its inviting atmosphere and foster its role as a campus center for research, study, and learning.

Goal 4. Partner and sustain connections with faculty and administrators to support achievement of student learning outcomes and promote integration of library services, resources, and information literacy (IL) into the academic curriculum.

Goal 5. Develop library staffing levels and allocation of responsibilities based on staff skills and expertise, to address the continuously shifting landscape of library and information resources and services in higher education, while optimally supporting the library’s overall mission and strategic goals.

Library Strategic Plan

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