Master of Architecture


The Master of Architecture is a 3+ year 100-credit degree program for students without advanced standing. Students granted advance standing may be able to complete the program in as little as two years with 49 credits minimum. The bolded courses are part of the 49-credit core.

Each student will be individually evaluated. For more information on admissions requirements, see the admissions page.

Year 1:          

Summer (6)
MARCH-601: Intro to Design (3)
MARCH-602 Intro to Visualization (3)

Fall (15)
MARCH-611: Design 1(6)
MARCH 621: Vis 1(3)
MARCH-631: History 1 (3)
MARCH-641: Tech 1 (3)

Spring (15)
MARCH-612: Design 2 (6)
MARCH-632: History 2 (3)
MARCH-651: Structures 1 (3)*
MARCH-642: Technology 2 (3)

Year 2:          

Fall (16)
SDN-601: Principals and Methods of Sustainable Design (3)
SDN-622: Sustainable Design Studio (4)
MARCH-643: History 3 (3)
MARCH-652: Structures 2 (3)
MARCH-643: Technology 3 (3)

Spring (15)
MARCH-614: Design 4 (6)
MARCH-622: Visualization 2 (3)
MARCH-634: History 4 (3)
MARCH-644: Technology 4 (3)

Year 3:        

Fall (15)
MARCH-615: Design 5 (6)
MSARC-631: Research Methods (3)
MARCH-645: Technology 5 (3)

Spring (15)
MARCH-616: Design 6 Thesis Project (6)
MARCH-651: Professional Management (3)

Total Credit hours: 49-100 (depending on individual track)

*A minimum one-semester college-level courses in physics and introduction to calculus is required before taking Structures 1. This may be taken before arrival or may be taken during the first year summer and fall semesters.

**Electives are selected from courses at the 600-level and above.


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