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SaraOneil“After getting my bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University, I knew I wanted to combine my interests in healthcare and business but wasn't sure how until I found out about Philadelphia University. As challenging as the program is, it’s the incredible investment of time and effort each professor makes in every student that has inspired me to work hard and be successful. The strong curriculum and emphasis on professionalism have truly prepared me for my clinical rotations and for my internships at the City of Philadelphia’s risk management department and at RapidTrials, a clinical research organization. My education will help me to better understand the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare, to offer quality care to patients and to access a wider array of possibilities for my future.”

Sarah O’Neil, MBA/MS in Physician Assistant Studies, Class of 2012


“The people involved in the MBA program are always there to help, whether you’re having difficulty with a class, a career issue or a personal problem. When you combine faculty subject knowledge and industry experience along with students from different cultural and professional backgrounds, it really makes the classes interesting and engaging. Through the program I learned the importance of teamwork and how to deal with issues as a team in order to accomplish a defined goal – something that’s been extremely beneficial for my job, since everything I do now revolves around working within a team.”

Larry Friedman, Financial services taxation associate, Ernst & Young, MBA, 2009


“Our MBA program emphasizes the importance of the global marketplace through a three-dimensional curriculum that pushes you to examine, explore and engage. You examine global business by studying both traditional business management principles and the modern challenges involved in conducting business in a global environment. You explore it first-hand through our international business trip, where you get to exchange ideas with people of other cultures and meet the CEOs, managers, engineers, designers and marketing professionals who are driving the international economy. And you engage in global business by directly working in teams with students in other countries to develop business plans and find solutions to problems in emerging markets – an amazing experience many MBA graduates will never get to have.”

D.K. Malhotra, PhD, Professor of Finance; Director of MBA & MS Tax Program

Richards "I have always had an entrepreneurial drive and enjoyed several undergraduate study abroad opportunities, so it made sense for me to pursue my MBA in entrepreneurship and international business.” 

“I chose Philadelphia University for its cutting-edge focus on innovation and sustainability ...”

“... plus I love how the MBA program teaches rising business leaders to think creatively while being socially responsible.”

Ethel K.A. Richards, Center Administrator, Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers, MBA, Class of 2011

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