Innovation M.B.A.

iMBA Strategy and Design Thinking Concentration

The Strategy and Design Thinking concentration combines design thinking with analytical intelligence of business to develop innovative strategies for solving complex business problems. The MBA Strategy and Design Thinking option provides students with an understanding of the design processes that involve observation, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, refining, and implementation of innovative solution to problems in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business world.

Unique Features

  • Develops hybrid thinkers to turn problems into opportunities.
  • Motivates students to think beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines, break down traditional silos, and focus on market-driven innovation through teamwork, collaboration, and industry connections.
  • Delivers hybrid vigor that marries the strategy and efficiency of business with the creativity and customization of design.
  • Prepares students to think strategically using frameworks that combine the linear thought process with the creative, iterative process through inductive and deductive reasoning.

Strategy and Design Thinking Courses

Innovative Leadership

Design Thinking in Business

Design Research and Project

Total Credits: 9

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