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    “With jobs being so scarce right now, employers seem to want to only hire people who can differentiate themselves. The MBA program prepares you for that and offers an edge with internships, the international business trip and the global project, where we work with students overseas to create a real product. I’ve had amazing internships handling marketing and PR for FlickerLab in New York City and the corporate office of Bare Feet Shoes in the Philly suburbs – all using what my professors have taught me in a real work setting. And I took away some great contacts from the networking competition, which allowed us to see how networking is such a valuable tool that many people overlook.” — Daniella Holuta, BS in Marketing and Business Management, 2010; MBA candidate, Class of 2011, Winner, 2010 networking competition  
  “Our MBA program emphasizes the importance of the global marketplace through a three-dimensional curriculum that pushes you to examine, explore and engage. You examine global business by studying both traditional business management principles and the modern challenges involved in conducting business in a global environment. You explore it first-hand through our international business trip, where you get to exchange ideas with people of other cultures and meet the CEOs, managers, engineers, designers and marketing professionals who are driving the international economy. And you engage in global business by directly working in teams with students in other countries to develop business plans and find solutions to problems in emerging markets – an amazing experience many MBA graduates will never get to have.” — D.K. Malhotra, PhD, Thomas J. Herzfeld Term Chair, Professor of Finance