Program Requirements

Computer Systems & Knowledge:
Our computer environment is intuitive and easy to use and the course starts with an orientation; however, students will need to have basic knowledge of computer skills, word processing, and Internet use. Students new to computers are encouraged to enroll in a computer course prior to orientation. Students will need:

  • Logitech headset with USB port capabilities (or similar product) 
  • A telephone near the computer and a telephone headset

Insurance Coverage
Students must show proof of coverage for malpractice liability prior to starting clinical rotations. This insurance is readily available to students through the ACNM partner company, Contemporary Insurance. Students are responsible for their own medical and dental care while enrolled in the program. Students may need to submit to, and be financially responsible for, any reasonable health screening that is required by a clinical agency beyond that required by The Midwifery Institute at Philadelphia University for admission.

Graduation Requirements
Post-Master's Certificate students must demonstrate "safe beginning competence as a midwife" prior to graduation.  Please see the full MS program requirements for minimum guidelines for clinical experience.  Please also see the Advanced Placement Option and speak with an admissions counselor for individualized information if you already have relevant clinical education and experience.