The Midwifery Institute has been able to draw on the combined knowledge of some of the best and most experienced midwifery educators in the country. We are able to bring a national and regional outlook to our approach with faculty across the country. These are some of the people making it all happen at the Institute:

Administrative and Teaching Faculty
Dana Perlman, MSN, CNM, Program Director
Elizabeth Parr, MSN, CNM, Part-time Faculty, Advisor, Clinical Coordinator
Kathy Herron, MS, CNM, Assistant Professor, Advisor, Clinical Coordinator
Nancy Niemczyk, PhD(c), CNM, Assistant Professor, Advisor

Course Tutors (Teaching Faculty)
Angela Carpenter, MS, CNM
Kate Fouquier, PhD, CNM
Bridget Howard, MSN, CNM
Jan Kriebs, CNM, MSN, FACNM
Jeanne Murphy, PhD, CNM
Denise Roy, MSN, CNM
Cheri Van Hoover, MS, CNM

Midwifery Institute Departmental Staff
Robin Scott, Program Administrative Assistant

We are happy to talk with you about our faculty and their experiences.

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