The Midwifery Institute was founded in 1996 by a group of midwifery educators as the Institute of Midwifery, Women, and Health. The Founding Board of Directors all had extensive experience in midwifery practice and education. They wanted to create an institution that would speak clearly on issues related to midwifery in the United States and that would be inclusive of all types of midwives in our country. The Midwifery Institute at Philadelphia University continues to have this focus.

We want midwifery care to be available in every community in our country. Therefore, we have designed our midwifery educational program as a community-based distance learning program. The students who are attracted to the program represent a cross-section of individuals who prefer the independence of on-line/community based education or for whom on-campus programs are inaccessible. The reasons may relate to their geographic locale, the expense of many on-campus programs, or their need for more creative and flexible scheduling of their studies. Many of the students come from small towns and rural communities, where they plan to stay. Of our graduates, approximately 72% are working in rural or underserved areas.

Philadelphia University was the first school in the United States to offer a Master of Science program in Midwifery, and since our first class in June 1998, we continue to offer real world, active, collaborative learning in our innovative master’s curriculum.