Midwife Tutor

The role of the Midwife Tutor at The Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University is the foundation of our model for midwifery education. The Midwife Tutor model mimics the midwifery model of care for women: students are treated with respect as individuals, with a personalized approach that encompasses involvement in all aspects of the educational processes of advising, evaluation and supervision.

The Midwife Tutor’s primary focus is the facilitation of learning. This facilitation of the learning process is similar to the midwife’s role during labor. Both roles require the ability to challenge, assess, confront, encourage, provide feedback, assist, listen and problem solve. The challenge of distance education is to facilitate learning at a distance, where students and faculty share the responsibility for life long learning.

We are fortunate to have a diverse, experienced faculty in both midwifery education and clinical practice. We believe in lifelong learning and continue to be partners in the growth and development of ourselves, our students and the profession of midwifery.

It is wonderful to be able to continually renew our vision of midwifery and midwifery education through the minds, hands and hearts of the students and faculty of the Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University. With the advances and advantages of on line learning, adult learners are able to reach their professional goals without losing any of the personal connectedness of midwifery education.