What are the deadlines for application for admission?

Admission to the MCM Program is rolling and remains open into the summer preceding the fall start and the fall preceding a spring start. 

What are the deadlines for application for a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate assistantship applications (for on-campus students only) must be submitted very early. Click here for more info about assistantships. Assistantships are not typically awarded to students who are already in the program. Occasionally, a research project will come in and students will be recruited as a graduate research assistant. Sometimes scholarship opportunities become available. hey are advertised to all on-campus students. In addition, the term "financial aid" is meant to include available loans which students may or may not qualify for. In addition, campus jobs do become available, but they are also competitive and so students should not assume a job will be automatically available.

I am an international student. What should I know before coming to the campus?

Philadelphia is a great City to live in. Like any large American City there is always some risk. The campus is very safe. Students coming from a foreign country should do research on different living options and what the rental rates. in addition, public transportation routes should be studied to makes sure there is direct transit to campus. Its best to have already lined up several places to live prior coming to study. 

Is the MS in Construction Management program an Accredited Program?

The MCM program is a post-baccalaureate program focused on specialized knowledge, thinking and management skills. The ACCE, our accrediting body, has just recently begun accrediting Graduate Programs in Construction Management. It is our intent to seek their accreditation. Thomas Jefferson University is a Middle States Accredited Institution.

Do I need previous experience in a built environment field to succeed in the MCM Program? 

Not at all. Our program will meet the needs of those in the industry seeking a graduate level academic credential as well as those from unrelated fields who are seeking a career change. As part of the admissions review, the Program Director will determine if any fundamental courses need to be completed prior to full acceptance. Students from a wide variety of undergraduate and work experience backgrounds are successful in our program.

Do I need to have taken the GRE's to apply?


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