M.S. in Modeling, Simulation and Data Analytics

About MSDA

Modeling, simulation and data analytics, or MSDA, is the use of various models and tools to generate and analyze predictive data, in order to communicate meaningful information to support decision-making, strategic planning in a wide range of professional fields.


The collection and use of significant predictive data is essential to effective business in both the short and long-term, and MSDA professionals are needed more than ever in today’s world of superfluous, unorganized and seemingly meaningless information. 

Historically, those working in MSDA had a background in engineering, mathematics, science or quantitative business disciplines.  More recently, with the advent of more user-friendly software, data visualization and decision support tools, professionals from a wide range of fields from healthcare, product development, finance, education, and a host of other areas are applying MSDA to a wide range of complex system problems to reduce cost, increase quality, save time, and provide strategic planning and decision-making support.

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