M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise


Global Fashion Enterprise students with business backgrounds may qualify for Advanced Standing waivers upon admission, based on prior learning, experience and demonstrated skills or competencies. 

The total credit hours for the M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise program ranges from 31-43 credits, depending on previous experience.

M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise Curriculum

Financial and Managerial Accounting*

Financial Management*

Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions*


Apparel Production*

Operations Management*

Fashion Immersion

Product Development/Entrepreneurship

Technology in Fashion

Fashion Global Marketing and Sourcing

Global Fashion Seminar I

Global Fashion Seminar II

Fashion Supply Chain Management

Product Evaluation

Fashion Internship or Global Fashion Networking

Global Fashion Project I

Global Fashion Project II

Global Fashion Project III

Total: 31-43 Credits

*Qualified students may receive Advanced Standing waivers for these based on prior learning, experience, or demonstrated skills or competencies.


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