M.S. in Textile Design


The graduate program in Textile Design at PhilaU can be structured to fit the needs of those who have no prior experience in any design field, those with a BFA or BA in Fine or Studio Arts, but with no textile experience, and also students with an existing degree in textile design including both technical and design aspects covered in our foundation courses.

The program director will individually review student portfolios, education levels and experience to determine which foundation courses are required in addition to the regular graduate curriculum. Students are only required to take textile design studio foundation courses in their selected concentration of knit, print or weave. 

For student with prior graduate experience, with program director approval, up to 6 credits may be transferred in from previous graduate level study,

Foundations Courses

TXF506 Design II, TXF507 Design III, DRAW101 Drawing I, TXF503 History of Textiles & Costume or ARTH102 Art History II, TXF510 Computer Aided Design.

The above foundation courses are available to those students who enter the program without these skills and knowledge from a previous studio design program.

TXF510 Fiber/Yarn, TXF517 Weaving I, TXF511 Knitting I, TXF516 Dyeing & Finishing (with a pre-requisite of CHEM101 Chemistry I)

The above foundation courses give a solid technical understanding of textiles to those students who enter the program without a previous degree in textiles.

Textile Design Studio I (Knit, Weave or Print) &Textile Design Studio II (Knit, Weave or Print)

The above foundation courses give students the opportunity to explore their textile speciality, both in terms of design and technology, providing a base for graduate level Textile Design development.

In addition to class critiques and reviews, the student work from these courses is reviewed by the graduate textile design faculty each semester to ensure students are making good progress toward graduate level work.

Foundation courses do not need to be entirely completed before the beginning of graduate level courses. Those courses which do not serve as direct pre-requisites may be dovetailed into the graduate level program.

Graduate Level Courses

TXD615 Design Studio IA, TXD616 Design Studio IB, TXD617 Design Studio IC, TXD742 Design Studio IIA, TXD743 Design Studio IIB, TXD744 Design Studio IIC, TXD772 Design Studio IIIA, TXD 773 Design Studio IIIB, TXD774 Design Studio IIIC.

Design studio comprises the majority of the M.S. Textile Design program.

Students may take 3, 6 or 9 credits of design studio each semester depending upon their other commitments to progress through the program.

The studio assignments will initially be very structured and are designed to lead each student to a personal vision of textile design upon which to base their advanced level work.

The program is structure to be flexible to an individuals personal goals. Six credits of design studio may be replaced with graduate level courses within another area such as Business, Sustainability, Digital Design etc.

Textile Technology II (Knit, Weave or Print) 

TXD625 Industry Seminars                 

TXD665 Design Management

TXD777 Advanced CAD

TXD975 Thesis

The students final collection results in an exhibit and is also recorded in thesis format and archived within the collection of the Gutman Library.

Graduate Level Elective

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