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Nexus Learning
The Jefferson “X FACTOR”

Nexus Learning - The Jefferson "X Factor"

At Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), we've always believed we needed to create the professionals of the future. (We've been doing it since 1884.) Our method? We call it NEXUS LEARNING™ - our signature approach that is making Jefferson a transformative force in higher education.

Nexus Learning is the Jefferson "X Factor," crossing active, collaborative, real-world learning and infusing it with the liberal arts like no other university.

ACTIVE. Can you develop a business plan in four days to increase the world's largest toy retailer's market share? Join forces with other architecture students to design and build emergency housing for disaster victims? Interact with patients as part of your pre-med practicum?

Nexus Learning is a thinking and doing education where the stakes are real and the outcomes rewarding.

COLLABORATIVE. Ever heard the phrase two heads are better than one? When great minds come together, solutions are found. We also believe those great minds don't have to think alike. At Jefferson, interdisciplinary student teams join forces with faculty and industry capitalizing on their respective talents and creating real value in the world.

REAL WORLD. Nexus Learning means just the right blend of theory and hands-on learning. As a place known for bringing smart people with talent together to design, discover, reason out, develop, test and market everything from green fueling stations to heart valves to economic theories and new fashion lines - companies and organizations from the U.S. Department of Defense to QVC bring their real-world challenges to our student and faculty teams.

INFUSED WITH THE LIBERAL ARTS. We marry classic liberal arts disciplines such as sociology and biology with professional specialties like business management, law and architecture. The professional world already puts these classic and specialty fields together. We think colleges and universities should too.

When you walk around campus and visit the studios, labs and classrooms, the value of a Jefferson education is clear. Everywhere you look you find extraordinary examples of active and collaborative learning that are connected to the real world and infused with the liberal arts. Our signature approach provides students with a real competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.